17 Nov 2015

Awarding Innovation

Ask any hiring manager, recruiter or sourcing professional and they’ll tell you the environment to attract certain highly-skilled professionals is tougher today than in years past. Our customers tell us sourcing and building a bench of talent is more important now than last year, and the hiring process itself is taking longer due to the inability to find qualified talent.  Low unemployment rates, increased competition among employers and the average time to fill open positions at record levels has made recruiting candidates, to put it bluntly, a time-suck. At DHI, this signaled a need for a new service: Sourcing Concierge.

Sourcing Concierge is a hands-on sourcing, screening and qualification solution several of our brands deployed as a way to increase efficiency for our clients. We target, engage and evaluate specialized professionals, leaving time for customers to interview and hire more qualified and interested candidates. Its rollout at eFinancialCareers (called Managed Services), Rigzone and Dice has proven successful, with many clients voicing their appreciation for saving time and money. 

For our DHI services, this is an added revenue stream. But it’s more than that. We’re helping our clients solve tough recruiting challenges like never before. One customer told us they saved in extra fees by using the solution.  Another client with limited recruiting bandwidth said the service presented two candidates after two weeks that were so spot-on, it would have taken six months to find on her own.

Validating the significance of Sourcing Concierge, the Dice version won a Bronze Stevie Award this month and we couldn’t be prouder. See, awards are nice, but what really excites us is finding new, meaningful ways to impact our customers’ bottom lines while saving time.

Of course, we’ll never turn away a trophy.

Michael Durney, President & CEO