28 Mar 2017

Google Ranks 3rd for Finance Professionals' Ideal Employers

Finance professionals voted JP Morgan as the ideal employer globally, according to a new report from our financial services-focused site, eFinancialCareers. Goldman Sachs came in second, but more interestingly, tech titan Google rounded out the top three.

The fact that Google beat out other top financial institutions such as Morgan Stanley and Citibank in a survey among professionals who hold Wall Street jobs is a clear nod to the increasingly important role tech firms play in employing finance professionals and rising value fintech is playing in the market. Tech skills are transferable and as all companies become tech companies, this could signal a challenge for Wall Street firms that may not have the draw that tech companies like Google, Facebook (#15 on our list), Apple (#16) and Amazon (#26) have. There’s no denying the tech firms are known for their perks and cutting-edge projects.

Google has been called an ideal employer by a variety of studies over the past few years, and it’s no secret technology, and talented technology professionals, power the innovative new products from the giant. DHI and its tech career site Dice have even worked with Google testing one of its newest services.

Wall Street has long been a pioneer in technology innovation, with firms leveraging the work produced by highly skilled tech professionals to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. In eFinancialCareers’ survey, every tech occupation aside from Business Analysts and Program Managers selected Google as their top choice. Fintech pros with cybersecurity and project management were the most apt to choose Google as their ideal employer.

While tech companies are known for the cool factor, Wall Street has always traditionally been associated with outsized pay and big bonuses – and while it’s not the top reason professionals choose this sector, it’s important. Finance professionals said interesting work (85% said it’s important) was most first criteria for selecting their ideal organizations to work, with competitive salary (84%) coming in a close second. Other key factors include opportunities for promotion (81%), positive organizational structure (78%) and strong executive leadership (75%).

If one message is clear for Wall Street (or any employer recruiting finance professionals), it’s this: offer talent challenging projects and talent will give you marketable products. Of course, whether you’re Google, JP Morgan or any other employer, never underestimate the power good talent brings to an organization. Recognize people as your most valuable asset and you’ll be sure to gain that critical edge over the competitor down the (Wall) street. 


Mike Durney