16 Aug 2017

Larger Companies More Likely to Consider Employer Branding a Top Priority in 2017

Employer branding is an ever-evolving, increasingly important factor for companies large and small to consider in their recruiting tactics.

DHI Group, Inc. partnered with the global leaders in employer branding, Universum, on a comprehensive study examining the rise of employment branding among companies globally. The Employer Branding Now report which surveyed nearly 2,500 HR managers, marketing managers, talent acquisition, recruiting and resourcing managers from 50 different countries found large employers are more likely to consider employer branding a top priority, however small and medium sized companies have also incorporated branding into their recruiting strategies.

“The market to attract talent has become increasingly difficult over the years as professionals, particularly those in tech, choose companies not just based on compensation, but on work/life balance, career growth opportunities and environment. Successful employers recognize employment branding as a critical part of the recruitment process as it’s often a company’s first opportunity to show value to candidates,” said Michael Durney, President and CEO of DHI Group, Inc.

Employer are also increasingly relying on social media to promote their brand to ideal candidates. Employer branding budget spend changes from 2016 to 2017 show a heavier reliance on social media, referral and digital channels.

Of particular note, all sizes of companies surveyed showed a strong increase in spend and effort on visual channels like YouTube and Instagram in 2017.

Top 5 Channels Increasing in Spend for 2017:

Social Networks

Employee Referral

Digital Advertising

Employer/ Career Site

Professional Networks

The full Employer Branding Now report can be downloaded here for free: http://www2.universumglobal.com/employer-branding-report.